Regular Curved Wave Brush
Regular Curved Wave Brush
Regular Curved Wave Brush
Regular Curved Wave Brush

Regular Curved Wave Brush

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The days of walking around with crooked waves are over and the days of having well-groomed and eye-catching waves are insight for you!


Are you still struggling to get the 360 wave results you want? As a black man, you know how important it is to have your hair taken care of at all times. Isn’t it time for you to distinguish yourself from all the boys that don’t have compelling waves?


Our new 360 Wave brushes have been specially designed to create 360 waves. By only using the finest hairs in our brushes, you’ll manage to get your hair softer as before. This will benefit your waves massively as it will make a huge difference in the appearance of your hair.


All products we sell are subject to high-quality standards and are proven to improve the progress of your 360 wave process. Check out for yourself why we are the #1 trusted company by wavers from all around the world to help them get 360 waves.



  • 100% Guaranteed Progress in Your 360 Wave Process by only using the best quality fabrics when creating our brushes


  • Complete ‘’ How to’’ guide on how to use our products to generate fast results to make sure you reach your personal goals as quickly as possible.


  • Medium-hard & compact hairs on this brush so you can start to train & compress your hair more for faster results


  • Stock running low due to worldwide high demand so grab yours NOW before we’re out of stock again! (Restock at beginning of next season)
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