Wholesale Durags

Wholesale Durags

Hey! Nice to hear that you are starting your own business or that you are expanding your already existing business with new products! If you are looking for wholesale 360 wave products like durags, brushes and combs, you are at the right address.

FRESHCOUPES offers a wide variety of premium quality 360 wave products to customers and businesses around the world such as barbershops, afro-shops and small business owners. If you are one of these, our brand, products and service will be a great way for you to get into the entrepreneurship and grow your own brand into a widely known company.

Wholesale durags


Before we get into business, we would like to tell you who we are and what we stand for. FRESHCOUPES is based and found in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has created a name for itself in Europe as the leading supplier of 360 wave products. It started as a joke by a group of friends and wavers but turned into a worldwide business within a year.

 The right marketing tools, commitment and hard work made us to who we are today, and we would like to help you achieve the same. If your aim is to be the barber or afro shop with a great variety of products with the highest quality possible, keep reading. If you are not aiming to offer your clients the best service, our brand is not the right one to do business with.

Wholesale Durags


 But that’s enough talking, we know you are here to do business so let’s get started. All the products on our website can be purchased in wholesale. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) to be a wholesale partner is 25 products. It is possible to customize our products with your own logo and get your own packaging/wrap so you can start branding yourself. If you want to use these options, the MOQ is raised to 100.

 We ship our products worldwide and have different warehouses worldwide to make sure our products get as fast as possible to our clients. We have a lot of experience with wholesale orders and are able to handle big orders and  shipments.


Wholesale Durags

 The prices for the most sold and searched items will be listed down here, so you have an indication and can make a well though decision. All the shown prices are for a MOQ of 25 and are the price per product. Prices are not including shipping cost.

Wholesale designer durags


Wholesale silky durags


Wholesale velvet durags


Wholesale wave brushes


Durag/bonnet packages



If you need more information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@freshcoupes.com, or Whatsapp us on +31 6 84 39 78 89. (Worldwide Number)

We’ll see you soon!


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