The best brushes for your waves

The best brushes for your waves

What is the best type hair brush to get 360 waves?

The answer to the question: what type of wave brushes are the best to get 360 waves is: almost every brush is good enough to get you 360 waves! You do not specifically need a certain brush to get waves, but in this article we will give you a list of special designed 360 wave brushes that definitely will make sure you will get faster and better results in your 360 wave process.


We will answer the following questions in this article:


  1. What Is the difference between a regular brush and a 360 wave brush?
  2. What kind of 360 wave brushes are available and what are their benefits?
  3. What is the best brush for 360 waves?



1.     What is the difference between a regular brush and a 360 wave brush?

We already did told you that it is possible to get 360 waves with almost every brush, so why did we invent special 360 wave brushes? That is simple: not every brush is created for the same purpose. Sure, it is possible for you to use a scissor to cut your nails but nail clippers get the job done more easy and accurate, right? The same principle applies to 360 wave brushes.


So what is the difference between these brushes? The most important difference between regular and 360 wave brushes is the choice of hair. The most company’s use natural bristles that mostly are made from boar hair. Boar bristles are a bit softer but they are firmer than regular brushes. This helps you in your 360 wave process because this type of boar hairs encourage waves. It also detangles your hair without pulling or snagging, making it ideal for African-textured hair that are naturally fragile.


360 Wave brushes also help you reach your scalp when bushing. You might have noticed that every wave brush has a curve. This curve is designed specially to make sure your scalp gets brushed as well. It results in better looking 360 waves.




2.    What kind of 360 wave brushes are available and what are their benefits?

There are 3 kinds of 360 wave brushes. The 360 Wave Long Steele Brush, the 360 Wave Crown Brush, and the revolutionary new designed 360 Wave Block Brush. We will show you how to use these brushes and tell you what the benefits of using these brushes are.



The 360 Wave Long Steele Brush  (click to purchase)

This is the most common and most used brush to get 360 waves. You can use this brush at any stage of your 360 wave process. You can use this brush after a fresh trim, in your first weeks wolfing and in your final wave stage. This brush has compact and thick boar hairs that will make sure your waves will be on top of their game.



  • ✔️ 100% natural boar bristles
  • ✔️ Perfect for creating 360 waves
  • ✔️ Maximum coverage and fast results
  • ✔️ With handle and a pointed tip for better styling control



Next up: The 360 Wave Crown Brushes  (click to purchase)

If you are serious about getting 360 waves you need one these in your collection. These brushes will make sure your crown will be perfect. It is not very easy to reach your crown and be accurate with a Long Steele Brush. This brush is exactly the right size, has the right details for perfect grip and the best compactness to get the best out of your crown.




  • ✔️ 100% natural boar bristle with an excellent medium stiffness
  • ✔️ Made for waves and beard
  • ✔️ Well-contoured solid beech-wood body
  • ✔️ Lightweight, compact and ergonomically design
  • ✔️ Elegant engraved design
  • ✔️ Made by a well-trusted brand
  • ✔️ Travel-friendly sized




Finally: The 360 Wave Block Brush (click to purchase)

This a new 360 Wave Brush. It is not known by many but is used by a lot of pro’s and they are keeping this one a secret. The new extra curved design of this brush will give your waves an extra boost. It is commonly used as a Long Steele Brush to get 360 waves on the side or on top of your head. The bristle is a little bit harder and is able to penetrate thru thick layers of hair what makes it the perfect brush for wolfing.



360 Wave Blocked Brush - The Rags Culture

  • ✔️ Made of pure natural boar bristles
  • ✔️ Best wave brush for wolving and next level waves
  • ✔️ Promotes a healthy-looking waves
  • ✔️ Stiff bristles are ideal for thick, coarse and abrasive-hair type
  • ✔️ Very stimulating to the scalp
  • ✔️ Easy to handle palm grip




3.    What brush is the best for 360 waves?

Now that you know what kinds of 360 wave brushes there are you can chose which one is the best for you. If you are just starting to get 360 waves we recommend to use the Long Steele Brush. That is the most used, easy and (in our opinion) the best brush to get 360 waves. When you are a bit further in your 360 wave process and you are looking to have that extra drip, try the new Block Brush. We always recommend to have a Crown Brush in your collection.


If you want to order one of these brushes, click here. 





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