How to get 360 waves quickly?

How to get 360 waves quickly?

In this special tutorial you are going to learn how you can get 360 waves quickly with any hair type. So if you are trying to get healthy and grooming waves, keep reading!


We know… In the beginning of your 360 wave process you are being overwhelmed with a lot information on how to get the best waves and you are seeing a lot of difficult methods. Forget all those things. FRESHCOUPES is going to teach you the simplest method on how to get 360 waves quick. And the best part: it doesn’t even cost you money! So, get rid off all those fake YouTube guru’s that are trying to sell you their products and keep reading if you want the real deal.


First things first,

This tutorial will be categorized in different hair types. As you already know; people have different roots and those roots define your hair structure. Every hair structure has its own method to get 360 waves, so if you want to know what method works the best for you, you need to know your hair structure first. If you’re not sure about it, we will help you define it with some key attributes from every hair type.

How to get waves with any type of hair - FRESHCOUPES



Hair type A, coarse:

Hair type A is the first photo on the left and we are calling it coarse hair. Coarse hair is easily recognizable because it has its own quality’s. Your hair structure is made of tiny curls that might make your hair hard to handle with a comb once you let it grow. Typically black Afro-American have this hair structure and it is very easy to get waves with it. It is easy to get 360 waves with coarse hair and it will result in multiple small and thin waves as shown below.


How to get waves with any type of hair - FRESHCOUPES



Hair type B, curly

 Hair type B is the photo in the middle and we are calling this hair structure curly. Your hair feels silky, and just like coarse hair, your hair has curls too. The only difference is that your curls are soft instead of hard and that makes that you can control your hair a lot easier. You are probably Spanish, or your roots is in South America or Mexico. It is easy to get 360 waves with curly hair and your waves will come out bigger just like the picture below.


How to get waves with any type of hair - FRESHCOUPES



Hair type C, straight:

 Hair type C is the picture on the right and we are calling this structure straight. Your hair does not curl from itself and when it grows it’s real soft. Your hair is easy to handle and you are probably white, a West-European or Arabic. It is possible to get 360 waves with straight hair and when you do, it will look like the picture below.  


How to get waves with any type of hair - FRESHCOUPES


These are the 3 most common hair types and its key attributes. Now pick the hair structure that describes you the most and check the special method that FRESHCOUPES has made for you to get quick 360 waves!



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