How to get waves with any type of hair?

How to get waves with any type of hair?

How to get waves 

There are a lot of difficult methods on the internet on how to get waves. FRESHCOUPES has created a simple and fast method that works for everybody that wants to know how to get deep 360 waves or 180 waves with coarse hair. In this tutorial we will tell you how long it takes to get waves, what products you need to get 360 waves and the exact routine you will need to follow to get 360 or 180 waves, so welcome to another episode of FRESHCOUPES 360 waves, explained.


What are 360 waves?

In our belief, you need to know what 360 waves are before you can start to get them. We already explained what waves are in the previous chapter, but we will give you a quick reminder to start.

Your hair structure is made of natural tiny curls and waves are nothing more than these same curls, but now instead of the curls going up and looking like an afro, they are flat on your head and looking like waves.

You now know what waves are, and this makes it easier for you to understand why it is necessary for you to follow this simple routine to get grooming and healthy waves.



STEP 1: Getting your hair ready

How to get waves with any type of hair - FRESHCOUPES


Before you start with getting waves it is extremely necessary for you to have healthy hair and to take care of your scalp. So the first step is to take good care of your hair by washing it with shampoo and conditioner. A massage by your girl on the scalp won’t hurt the process either, so go and ask her if she wants to help getting your hair clean and ready for the upcoming waves.


STEP 2: Go to the barber!  


Step 2 is going to the barber. Tell your barber you are trying to get 360 waves and that from now on he needs to trim your hair in the right brushing angles. Tell him clear to never go against these brushing angles because this will slow down your wave process. (Later in the process we will show you what brushing angles exactly are.)


Depending on if you want full 360 waves or 180 waves you now need to pick a haircut. If you are going for the 360 waves, go for a simple haircut that’s +/- a half inch (0.10cm).


If you want 180 waves you can of course pick a fade to start with. The regular length of your fade is good to start with.



STEP 3: Get all the products needed



To start your wave process, there are a few key-products needed.


  1. A Medium Hard Crown or Long Steele brush; This will be needed to brush your hair in the right angles and for extra grip while brushing.
  2. A durag; to keep your hair flat and nice during the night
  3. Wave Shampoo & Wave Conditioner; to get your hair soft and to keep your hair and scalp healthy in the process
  4. Hair lotion; to keep your hair moisturized and to prevent your scalp from getting irritated.


STEP 4: Start getting ready for the real process


Start with embracing the fact that you are going to spend a lot of hours with your brush. In this beginning phase you need to train your hair to stay flat and that will just take some time, especially if you have coarse hair. So get yourself ready to put some effort into brushing your hair daily!



STEP 5: Know your brushing angles

On the photo above, we show you exactly what your brushing angles are. You need to brush in these angles to make sure your waves come out healthy and well organized. These are the same lines your barber is obligated to cut in. You can never brush against these lines and he can never trim against these lines!




STAP 6: Start brushing

In the previous step you already prepared yourself mentally into spending quite some time with your brush, and now it’s time to get started for real! Start with finding a brushing routine, take a fixed moment in the day to brush for at least 20-30min.


At first we do not recommend to brush while watching TV or Netflix. You need to be focused on your brushing angles and make sure your waves do not come out crooked. To do so, you need to brush in a mirror and see what way you are brushing in.


Listen to a podcast or music instead of watching TV or Netflix, so you can focus on your brushing angles and your crown. This a great way to educate yourself with an inspiring podcast while getting waves, so try to find a routine and a podcast that lasts for 20-40 minutes. That way you always know you are brushing for the right amount of time.





STEP 7: Wash your hair using wave shampoo

Keeping your hair healthy is very important in the process of getting waves. Your waves come out looking more beautiful when you take good care of your hair. That’s why you need to wash your regularly with shampoo and conditioner. Always use shampoo first and conditioner after.


To get faster results we recommend that you brush in the shower. When you’re in the shower your hair is already wet and soft and that makes it easy for you to create your waves because your hair is easier to handle and is better to train while wet.


You should take a ‘’Wave Shower’’ once a week. It’s just a regular shower, but this time you put shampoo in your hair and keep brushing it until it’s completely out. This will make sure the nutrients get to your scalp and will feed your hair.




Depending on if you want 360 or 180 waves, you need to brush everywhere evenly.

The waves mostly form the quickest on top of your head because people naturally brush there the most. A lot of people are struggling to get 360 waves on the side and on the back of the head, but this is just the result of not brushing enough on these places.


STEP 9: Stay hydrated

As long as you keep yourself healthy, your hair stays healthy as well. It is necessary for you to keep your hair and body hydrated. You keep your body hydrated by drinking water but for your hair you can use our special wave oils and lotions.


Every time you get out of the shower, are done with a brushing session or whenever you are feeling that your hair is dry, use an oil or lotion.





In the beginning of this course have told you what waves are, flattened curls. So now you know why from now on you will ALWAYS wear a durag. To keep your hair flat! The durag helps keeping your hair flat and will make it feel silky instead of hard.


There is one simple rule with wearing a durag: when you are not brushing, you are wearing a durag! Always keep your durag on! This will make sure your wave process goes a lot faster! If you cannot always wear your durag because of work, at least make sure you never go to sleep without it and are wearing it inside the house.


There are various ways of tying up your durag. Check our other articles to find out what they are and which one is the best to get 360 or 180 waves.





If you are following the 360 waves routine that we just gave you, we will guarantee you that you will get waves in no-time. When you are first trying to get waves, do not visit the barber too often. Your hair needs to grow and needs time to be trained. When you visit the barber too fast you will lose all the progress you made.


We recommend you wait at least 4 weeks with going to the barber when you do not have waves yet. When you are at the barber, make sure he never trims your hair too low. This will result in losing your progress as well. Never let him cut it shorter than a regular fade.


Once you have the waves you are happy with, you can visit the barber more often again.




So, if you want to get waves with coarse hair it is necessary that you keep your hair healthy by washing it once a week with wave shampoo and conditioner. Brush for at least 20-30 minutes a day, and always sleep with a durag on to keep your hair flat.


Follow this 360 wave routine that we gave you carefully and before you know it all the girls will be touching your waves and are trying to brush them for you… Because that’s what’s this really all about, but we already knew that… 😉

 If you are ready to start your 360 wave process and are in need of the essential products to start, we've made a selection of all the products you need to get start here!


If you want to learn more about getting waves, click the button ''360 Waves Explained'' below!

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