Premium Velvet Durags


Imagine having the perfect waves without the fear of frizz, tangles, or the inconvenience of seeing your waves messy. That is what we, as FRESHCOUPES guarantee all wavers and people who enjoy quality durags an experience of a lifetime.

What is a durag anyway?

A durag is a cloth cap tied at the top of your head with the aim of accelerating the formation of waves, protecting processed hair or simply keeping waves inlaid and in check. It can also be used on corn-rowed hair as a way to secure and lay any fly-away.

It usually has long ties on each side meant to secure and tie the durag in place.

Who is this product meant for?

These beautifully sculpted velvet durags are meant for you. Our esteemed customers, whether young or old, male or female, relaxed or natural. These durags are going to make your work easier by protecting your hair and maintaining your waves for longer.


Where and when is it suitable for you to use this product?

Because of its luxurious velvet finish, this product can be used anywhere at any time. However, due to fashion, personal choices, and for the sake of looking a little more put together, we advise that you use this product in the comfort of your home especially when taking naps or going to bed.

This is because it is going to prevent your hair from frizz, tangles and even drying it out due to the friction between your hair and your beddings.

Why choose this product?

Simply because it is the best in the market. We have a wide variety of durags for both adults and children, a variety of colors to choose from, and a superior quality in fabric and finish. Furthermore, this is an investment that will save you money and time since it will last for a while without needing a new one every so often.

How did it come about?

FRESHCOUPES is passionate about providing safe, quality products for your hair’s daily use. The idea behind it came about when we noticed a market ready for waving products especially in the community of young black men with a hint of fashion, style, and self-expression.

Therefore, a safe space for the wave’s community was born and a clear demand and market rose from it. Although the idea was initially meant for waves, it has grown to accommodate all genders, hair types, and a clear fashion statement with this product alone.

Why choose velvet for this product’s fabric.

Velvet is a beautiful fabric that screams elegance, class, and a dash of style. Because of how chic it is, we opted to give our customers this amazing product that complements the standards to which we are aiming to grow. 

However, this product is lined with silk on the inside as a way to reduce frizz and prevent moisture and nutrient loss in hair. Just imagine how breath-taking it is to have velvet on the outside and silk on the inside.

Additionally, the product is safe for people with conditions like eczema and psoriasis. This is because silk is natural and hypoallergenic to people with sensitive skin. Finally, velvet is heavy enough to secure your hair without fear of slipping thus defining your waves exceptionally.

To be honest, you will need more than one silk durag to achieve the waves and progression level that a velvet durag can elevate your waves too.

Is the product readily available?

Yes. Yes, it is. You can find these products here and all that is required of you is to make an order. Just as a reminder, our website is always on call when you need the durags as we provide deliveries and shipping all over the world.

How long until you start seeing results on your waves?

Having a durag is just the tip of the iceberg. Although having one is important, having a regular schedule and taking care of your hair consistently is a must. With all these things considered and the regularity of your brushwork, a month is a good place to start looking at your gains.

How should you take care of your durag?

There is a need for you to understand the sensitivity of your velvet durag. It is important for you to schedule a weekly wash to ensure that you get rid of product build-up, bacteria, fungi, and mildew growth.

With that said, ensure that you do not use a washing machine to cleanse your durag as this may ruin the fabric. Instead,

  • Soak it in a basin with some warm water and soap for at least 20 minutes.
  • Hand washes it gently.
  • Rinse it in clean water.
  • Hang it away from direct sunlight to avoid tanning.

What do you stand to gain from choosing our premium durags?

An impeccable customer service team ready to assist with anything, weekly blogs to help guide you on your wave and durag usage journey, and a brand that has dedicated its time and efforts to help you feel comfortable in your skin and hair.

You can also count on the fact that we are open to comments, suggestions, and testimonials of how far you’ve come and help guide you further into your hair goals.

Are there discounts on purchasing the velvet durag?

Most definitely. The price for each durag is 19.99 euros for a durag and a wave cap at whatever size and color you require. If we are being completely honest, this is a steal. This price is so worth the quality of the product and services provided.

Not to mention, these products will serve you for years if taken care of correctly and you don’t need to re-purchase any time soon. Furthermore, it is already designed with an everyday user in mind so there are no mistakes or faults on it.

Things to note!

These durags are the best in the market but are only as effective as the work you put into your hair. Durags are not a magic cloth that will make your waves clean and defined overnight. These products are just meant to bring your already washed, brushed, and moisturized waves to life.

So for now, the question is, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one, and enjoy the rest of your wave journey.