Having a baby with a healthy head of hair is in itself, a blessing as much as it is challenging. How do you protect and retain both moisture and length without driving yourself and your baby insane? We, have a few suggestions that you may find helpful without breaking your bank account.

What does this collection entail?

There is a huge variety of amazing durags and bonnets in our collection to choose from:

Silky durags for kids.

Silk being super comfortable and breathable, you can count on these durags to be gentle on your young one’s curls by retaining moisture and reducing frizz, split ends, and breakage. Furthermore, they come in a variety of colors, making them fun and playful, and you can match them with their pyjama sets for an even cooler combination.

  • Mommy & me reflective sets.

This is a retro-chic set of durags that are meant for the outgoing, fun, and fashion-forward moms that don’t mind making their kids shine just as bright. The colors are visually attractive as they play mind games and alter the perception of what colors should bring out of every child.

Additionally, this set is pure silk making it ideal for kids with drier, coarser, and curlier hair.

  • Reflective durags for kids.

Just like its counterpart, (the mommy & me reflective set), this set of durags is purely made of silk, colorful, and meant for kids of every age.

  • Silky durag set for baby & daddy.

This silky set is meant for dads that want to show their kids how to flex and maintain neatly dressed hair. It comes in multiple colors and is suitable for all occasions

  • Velvet durag for kids.

These are perfect for the dads that would love to introduce, nurture and teach their kids about waves. Because of its luxuriously rich luster, velvet is perfect for defining waves as early as a month into the waver’s journey.

  • Flower mommy & me bonnet sets.

This is honestly the cutest set yet. This set is perfect for a mini-me-inspired photoshoot and a great chance for mothers to teach their babies the value of self-care and haircare in general. The patterns come in all shapes and colors emulating the African Ankara fabric that is simply breath-taking.

The set is a great gift for moms-to-be at baby showers or someone who you think deserves this as a mother’s day gift.


  • Mommy & me bonnet set.

This set may not be full of prints, but it is just as colorful. It brings out the little girl in all of us that always wanted to look and act like our mommy. What better way to play dress-up than having a piece that looks exactly like your young one or vice versa?

Isn’t imitation the greatest form of flattery? This set will have you emotional, beautiful, and classy without doing too much.

At what age can these durags and bonnets fit?

Well, these durags and bonnets can fit kids of every age from as little as possible. However, due to tender-headed babies, it is wise to consider using a durag /bonnet after the child is over a year old. This is also meant to help them shed all their baby hair and embrace their real hair.

Be gentle when tying up durags on their head to avoid headaches, suffocating the hairline, and even further damage like cutting off blood supply to the scalp.

How much do all these bonnets and durags go for?

It depends on the collection you go for. FRESHCOUPES bonnets and durags range from as low as $9 to $19.99 for the ones that come in sets. They are very affordable and convenient because the quality of these products is amazing and will serve you for years without the need to have a replacement or purchase a new one.

Do you ship?

Yes, we do. FRESHCOUPES products are shipped worldwide at your convenience with all purchases above $20 being offered for free.

Should I opt for a silky or a velvet durag for my child’s hair?

Whatever fabric you choose for your child’s durag or bonnet, they can both benefit in different ways but the result is the same. What does this mean? It means that there are things to consider when it comes to choosing the fabric.

Here is a detailed comparison of both fabrics and which one suits you better.

  1. Velvet durags.
  • These are perfect for aesthetics, in that, they can be worn even outside as a way to give your child’s style a boost.
  • Velvet durags are perfect for defining curls as the weight and luster of the fabric streamlines the hair making your waves stand out faster for longer.
  1. Silk durags and bonnets.
  • Silk durags and bonnets are perfect for dry, brittle hair because they help retain moisture, and curb breakage and split ends.
  • Perfect for hot and humid areas because of their cooling effect.
  • The fabric is so lightweight that it does not bother the child while sleeping making it more suitable for nap time without the fear of frizz.

Can kids with skin conditions use these products?

Absolutely. These durags and bonnets are specially generated from silk and velvet which are hypoallergenic fabrics. And because silk is a natural fabric, most of our velvet products are also lined with silk to further ascertain that they are safe and effective to use even on people and kids with sensitive skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis.

What makes these products better than the rest?

The attention to detail is definitely what sets FRESHCOUPES apart from the rest. From the choice of fabric, pricing, customer service, discounts, shipping, and the community that has built a learning environment, for all who want to learn about taking and styling waves naturally to producing quality products for all our clients.

You can be sure that all you need to know and buy is conveniently at your disposal. Additionally, this platform is meant to make you feel and look great without compromising on quality.