Velvet Durags

Velvet Durags

Where to get velvet durags?

Velvet durags are gaining a lot popularity these last years and everybody is trying to get them. There are only a few online parties that offer these classy durags and most of the physical stores are not offering these beloved head caps yet. 


All Colors Velvet Durags: $14,49

So if you are looking for velvet durags for your 360 waves or 180 waves, this article will feel as a gold mine for you. We will show you all colors of velvet durags for the lowest price.



 2 Pack Velvet Durag $19,99

A velvet durag combi pack is great because you can pick and choose your own colors with this discount bundle and gift somebody with one of your extra durags or just rock it yourself of course! A great way to save money on your order.


Velvet Durag and Bonnets $19,49

The possibility of mixing durags and bonnets is getting popular as well. A lot of couples are matching up their headwear, and you have to admit: it looks great! 

Durag and Bonnet


Velvet Durags + Wave Cap Package $19,49

If you are busy trying to get 360 waves, this combi package is one of the best! The combination of using a wave cap and a velvet durag will get you the 360 waves results you were hoping for. Available in all colors!


Velvet Durag Wave Cap Bundle - The Rags Culture 



This week we are offering free worldwide shipping, so get your durag now before this offer ends! 

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