Silky and Satin Durags

Silky and Satin Durags

All colors of silky and satin durags

Are you looking for all colors of silky or satin durags? Stop looking further, The Rags Culture offers a great collection of silk and satin durags for 360 waves. In this special article, we will show you all colors of silk and satin durags for the lowest price.


Regular Silky Durags: $14.99

We will start with the regular silky durags. Available in all colors and 1 size fits all. These silky durags are perfect for creating 360 waves and are a great way to upgrade your outfit. 

Silky And Satin Durags - FRESHCOUPES


Silky durag + Wave Cap Bundle: $19.99

Are you ready to get your 360 waves to the next level? Try this silky durag and wave cap combi-pack. Using a wave cap with a silky durag will result in better looking 360 waves because you are compressing your hair more effectively. Available in all colors!


Premium Satin Durags All Colors: $14.99


Next to the regular durags, we offer our durags in different exclusive colors. These are only available for a limited period of time and are going out fast. Check the collection before they get out of stock again!


Silky Durag and Bonnet Bundle: $19.99

If you are looking to match things up with bae, this is the right adress. We are offering a big collection of silky durags and bonnet bundles. These are available in all colors. Suprise your girl with a bonnet, or suprise your men with a rag!

Silky And Satin Durags - FRESHCOUPES 

2 Pack Silky Durag Combi: $19.99


Once you are deep into waving, you know 1 durag is not enough. You need to keep the rags rolling. This pack will give you 2 silky durags, you can choose what colors you want and you will receive a discount for getting 2 at the same time.

This week we are offering free worldwide shipping on all orders, so get your durag now before this offer ends!

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