So.. What exactly is the durag?

So.. What exactly is the durag?


The Durag, explained by: FRESHCOUPES.

In this series of blogposts and tutorials by FRESHCOUPES we are going to explain everything about durags, 360 waves, and everything around this subject. So, if you are interested on how to get 360 waves and which products are the best to use? Keep reading because you are going to like this! But before we start: it’s spelled durag. End of discussion.


Where does the durag come from?

Now that we have settled the most important detail about the durag, it’s time to you back to the 19th century. Our now beloved headdress started as something for poor African-Americans laborers and slaves in the United States to label them.

Who invented the durag? - FRESHCOUPES 

 But around the 1930’s during the Great Depression and the Harlem Renaissance (also called the New Negro Movement) we discovered that we could use this headwear for different purposes: to maintain our difficult hairstyles.

 The purpose of wearing a durag was kept like this until the late 1960s. This is when we started The Black Power Movement and the durag started gaining power as a fashion statement worn by rappers, athletes, and Afro-American boys and men of all ages.

 Somewhere around the 2000’s the durag lost popularity in some areas because people started to compare it to violence and criminality. However, because of musicians like Meek Mill, Travis Scott, and Rihanna the durag has regained popularity on the big stage and everybody is feeling it again! They are now being sold in every thinkable color, fabric and measurement by us in every country around the world.


Who invented the durag? - FRESHCOUPES



FRESHCOUPES – 360 Wave Durags

 The thing that sets our durag apart is that they are special made to help create and maintain 360 waves. We have lined up all the key benefits that our durags have, and here’s why we are trusted by so many for the supply of their 360 Wave Products.


1.    It lays your hair down like no other durag will.

 To get 360 waves, it is crucial that your hair lays down and stays down. However, your hair grows up from itself and mother nature doesn’t like it when you’re messing with her. That’s why it’s necessary to always use a good durag.  Basically, our durags with new improved fabric trains your hair to stay down and will make sure your 360 waves come out nice and healthy.


2.     It improves your hair texture

 Our durags are known to improve hair textures. To get 360 waves it is important not to have rough or dry hair, and in today’s polluted atmosphere, that is a real hard task without a good durag. Use oils, cream or other products that will keep your hair moisturized in combination with our durag and you will notice the difference in your hair texture within a week.

Who invented the durag? - FRESHCOUPES



3.    Multifunctional for braids and dreads

If you have braids or dreads, there is nothing more annoying than getting up in the morning and seeing your hair isn’t as nice as the day before. You might be using panties to seal the deal, but we can bet you that using our durag will do a better job in keeping your hair steady for the next morning. So yes, use durags for your braids and dreads. PS: Come on! Panties are old fashioned, granny!


 4.    Durags for Athletes

 There are also a lot of athletes wearing durag. Especially in the NBA, wearing them to prevent sweat going into their eyes. Lebron James is one of the most iconic athletes that always has his durag on. It does not matter if he’s on or off the pitch, he always has his signature Black Silky Durag on his head.  

Who invented the durag? - FRESHCOUPES 


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