How wearing a durag or bonnet with your braids will improve the quality of your hair

How wearing a durag or bonnet with your braids will improve the quality of your hair

Many things play a significant role in the beauty and health of a person but today we are going to talk about how durags & bonnets can benefit the quality of your braids and how it can prevent your hairs from the dirt, hair-loss and dull color, giving your hairs the shine, texture, strength, and beauty it deserves!


Benefits of Durags & Bonnets

Let’s get one thing straight, wearing a durag or bonnet is not just a beauty tip or for people who are trying to get 360 waves, it is also a solution to a lot of problems related to your hair. In this, we will discuss the benefits of wearing a durag on braids thoroughly and also suggest the places from where you can buy the best durags for these purposes.


          ●    Increased Hair Texture

It is very annoying that our hairs get dry very quickly and dryness of hair causes the loss of texture and gets your scalp itchy.  This ultimately results in the loss of your precious hair. So, to get your hair in great shape you now are using many types of oils, creams, conditioners, and gel that will help you get your hair in great shape, yet all these products will fail at the end.


This is because oil, cream, conditioner, and gel are in direct contact with the environment and get dry faster. But when you keep a durag or bonnet on your head while using the products above,  it will prevent your hair and all the expensive products you put in your hair from dryness and the combination of using oils and keeping your hair protected by a durag or bonnet will help you get your hair healthy.


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  •    Improvement in Hair Quality

Wearing a durag for braids plays a significant role in the improvement of hair quality. The silk substance of the durags will provides shine, good color, and beauty to your hairs and are preventing them from the dull atmosphere and the harsh weather.  Everybody dreams of shiny and healthy hair, but this dream can’t be fulfilled without taking good care of your hair in the proper way.


  • Hair Protection from dryness

These days a considerable number of people are vulnerable to the dryness of hairs. And those who work outside are the ones that are at most risk. Rough and dry hairs have become the major cause of hair loss due to which days you can lose 10-15 hairs. So, if you are in this situation you need to keep your hair moisturized with oils or cream and keep your hair protected by wearing a suitable durag. It will not only keep your hair moisturized but impede the harsh weather. 

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  •      Straightens the coarse Hair

Coarse hair is the dermatological problem that firstly causes due to the dryness of the scalp over the head and then ultimately increases the hair coarseness. Many of you will be facing the same issue. But wearing a durag on your braid can help you a lot keeping you away from the tensions of these problems.


  •     Protection from Helmet

If you are a biker and daily travel a long distance wearing a helmet you would have been facing the problem of sweating which creates an irritating smell in touch with the foam of the helmet. You can avoid this condition by wearing a durag, even if you do not have braids.


  •    Protection from dust pollution

With the advancement and industrialization, world pollution has become one of the main concerns of the day. With the increase in pollution, many health issues have also been raised. Dermatological problems related to hair are the issues that have affected millions of people across the world. And it has increased the risk of dryness of hair, dull look, and hair loss. 

So, how are you able to avoid dry hair, hair loss, and a dull look? First, taking good care by washing and taking good care of your hair. If you wash your hair regularly and keep your durag on whenever you do not feel the need of showing off your braids, you will come a long way! 

Braids with durags - The Rags Culture


Best Durags for Braids in 2020

It doesn’t matter if you are buying a durag for your braids, for fashion purposes or are trying to get 360 waves, durags are for people who are trying to keep their hair healthy. And instead of spending a lot of time experimenting and searching for the best durags, our experts have listed some of the best durags that you can use if you are going to start using durags for your braids. 


1. Premium Velvet Durags

You can use velvet durags if you have braids, these durags are velvet on the outside for the nice look and silky on the inside to keep your hair nice. But we do not recommend using velvet durags for braids because it has a thick substance that does not let your hair breathe.

If you have braids, this may result in your scalp getting itchy, and irritated, but if you have a short haircut, the velvet durags are a good option. 

Pink Velvet Durag - The Rags Culture

Product Name

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Premium Velvet Durags 

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Matching Velvet Durag & Bonnet 





2. Silky Durag & Bonnet

If you have braids, a silk durag is one of the best options. The silk fabrics will let your hair breathe and keep them safe at the same time. It does not have a thick substance so your scalp will be free of possible itchiness!

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Matching Silky Durag & Bonnet




Silky Durags All Colors


Starting from $9.99



3. Satin Durags

The last option we would like to give you are satin durags, these durags are from better quality than their silk brothers. These durags are delivering better quality, and are available in multiple colors. The only downside is that they are more expensive.

Red Satin Durag - The Rags Culture

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 Satin Durags




Frequently Asked Questions with Answers




  • Can you use a durag when you have box braids?


 Definitely yes! You can use Box Braids with   the durag.

  • How to put on a durag with braids?


 To learn how to put on durag with   braids Click Here



  • Can you use a bonnet for (box) braids?


 Yes, you can use a bonnet for box braids.   Many women are choosing bonnets over   durags because they think it makes them   look more attractive. But it is just a   preference, and you can choose which one   you like.


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