How to wash your 360 waves

How to wash your 360 waves

Washing 360 waves does not have to be an impossible job nor should it be intimidating. The main thing to know is that you should wash your waves with your wave pattern in mind. Squeeze out a dime sized shampoo on your hand, wet your hair and apply it rubbing it in the direction of your waves.

Take your brush or comb and thoroughly brush your waves. Again, follow the direction of your waves. You can choose to go against the grain to allow for deeper penetration of your product, but if you are just starting out, follow your wave pattern.

Rinse off the product thoroughly and if you are afraid of your waves getting disrupted, put on a stocking cap and rinse it through it. Dry your hair with a microfiber towel being very careful not to mess your waves.

How to wash your 360 waves

You can use a good wave conditioner just to add some moisture and nutrients to your hair after wash but remember to brush and rinse it off.

How to moisturize 360 waves.

Moisturizing 360 waves can be done by having a great leave-in conditioner (moisturizer). Then followed up by an oil/butter or wave pomade of your choice. This ensures that all that moisture is sealed in and is ready for some serious brush work.

Brush it until the hair is completely dry of all water, the waves are popping, juicy and shiny.

How to wash your hair for 360 waves

How often should you wash your hair when getting waves?

Hair has its own natural oils, nutrients and proteins. Every time that it is washed, some of these properties are lost making it dry and deprived of nutrients leading to breakage. For this reason, it should only be cleansed on a weekly basis in order to preserve all the goodness in your hair.


What is wash and style?

Wash and style in 360 waves is used to maintain your waves without the excessive brushing and compression. It involves washing your hair with a shampoo to lift any type of dirt and debris. This is going to be your first shampoo application. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle gently then rinse it out.

Apply a second coat of shampoo and this time, use a hard brush to brush your waves in its original pattern. Keep brushing until it foams up and almost dries out. Position your crown and keep brushing.

How to wash your 360 waves

By now, your waves should be very clear and defined. Tie a light durag that can allow the penetration of water and rinse out the shampoo. It will take some time to get rid of all the shampoo since you are not going to disturb your hair so let water run through for at least 5-10 minutes with the durag still on.

While hair is still damp, apply enough conditioner in your hair work it in and brush it like you did with the shampoo. After this, put the durag back in and rinse out the conditioner with some cold water through the durag. This helps lock in moisture better.

Dry your hair by patting your towel on the durag. Leave the durag in until hair is completely dry. You can chill in the sun for a few hours to cut down your drying time. Once both the durag and hair are completely dry, remove your rag and it is time to moisturize and style to your desire.

Please remember to let your hair completely dry before brushing it some more. Use a good moisturizer and oil and brush it according to your pattern.

How to wash your 360 waves


What to do after washing and styling 360 waves.

Since hair is washed and styled. The main thing to do after is to MOISTURIZE. Invest in a good leave-in conditioner and seal it in with an oil or butter. This is because after washing, hair becomes dry and waves can suffer bald spots if moisturizing is not done well due to breakage.

Brush all the product into your hair making sure all of it is coated and evenly spread.

Protect your waves by always using silk/velvet durags when you sleep (even day naps) so that you can maintain the moisture content in your hair.

How to wash your 360 waves

Best shampoo/conditioner for 360 waves.

Finding the right shampoo/conditioner for waves can be tricky but it is not as difficult as you would think. All you need is a good all natural shampoo and conditioner liberated from GMOs, silicones, sulfates, alcohols and parabens.

In short, any products that can be used on natural hair are good to be used on your waves. Keep in mind that there are products meant for wavers and specifically formulated for your waving pleasure.

Avoid greasy, heavy products that may do the work of giving you great waves but clog your pores suffocating any growth and development in your hair. Your products should not just work for your hair, they should complement your scalp as well.

Harsh chemicals and unnecessary processing will completely damage your scalp and hair. Finally, pay attention to the ingredients in your products prioritizing on water as the first or second ingredient.

How to wash your 360 waves

In conclusion.

360 waves are the easiest waves to achieve (in our opinion). However, remember that your hair is as good as how you treat it. Moisturize regularly, bush often, use a good durag, put in the work and you will see the results you are aiming for.

Additionally, remember to let your hair wolf out so as to get the pattern you want without having to put in too much elbow grease to see it. Shave when necessary and lastly, do not get hooked to being a product junkie. Use products you trust not because they are trendy. Until next time.

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