How to get your 360 waves deeper

How to get your 360 waves deeper


In a world full of diversity, we have all come so far as a black community in the search of self-love, acceptance and most of all identity. In the search of all these things, trendy black men discovered waves (360 waves to be exact). For now, we will discuss the technique, tools, products, tips and tricks to achieve deeper waves.

What are 360 waves?

Also known as ‘spinnas’, they are a common look in the African-American community popularised by the rapper Nelly. They appear as waves from the crown of the head outward in a circular motion no matter the hair texture.

How to prepare for 360 waves

In readiness for your waves, ensure that both your hair and scalp are in great condition. If by any chance your scalp needs attention, tend to it. Dandruff, psoriasis and other conditions like alopecia should be addressed first before going through with waving.

How to get deeper 360 waves


Products you need to get deeper 360 waves

In order to get the waves you want, insist on using the right products.

First and foremost, make sure that you use the right shampoo.  A wave shampoo is recommended for this endeavour but if you don’t have one a regular shampoo or soap will do just fine.

Secondly, just so you can retain more moisture in hair, a deep conditioner or a regular conditioner is great at replenishing moisture back in hair after a wash.

Start brushing in the shampoo and conditioning stage since hair is softer. Invest in a stocking cap so you can leave your waves laid and flat as you rinse out the products.

Finally, look for a great moisturizer. Moisturizers give shine to your waves while giving the appearance of deeper, healthier looking waves.

Invest in a quality durag


Nothing beats a top notch, quality durag. Whether it is silk or velvet, ensure that after wolfing, you cover your head with it, as it ensures that your waves are moisturized and stay protected from the elements. In the very least, wear your durag for at least half an hour after brushing.

Let’s talk brushing

Brushing your hair may be the only way to ensure that you have deeper more profound waves. Also know that brushing should be done for at least 10 minutes, 3 times a day. This ensures that waves are not just laid but deep as well. While we are on the topic of brushing, please remember not to brush dry hair no matter what. The hair has to be well moisturized to have the results you want. If the hair is dry, run through it with your hands.

Now that you understand the importance of brushing. You need the right brushes for your waves. Find all these brushes in this link. A hard brush, medium and soft brush should be in your arsenal for touch ups. Hard brushes ensure that tangles are removed bringing your waves out quicker, while softer brushes keep hair flat and sleek.

Brushes should be softer than regular brushes so as to avoid harming the scalp. They should be made of goat, boar or horse hair and should have adequate spacing to avoid frizzing and snagging of hair. Do not go for synthetic materials like nylon so as to avoid frizz.

Wolfing anyone?

How to get deeper 360 waves?

If you are completely new and do not know what wolfing is, that is completely alright. Wolfing is growing your hair out by consistently brushing, moisturizing and putting on a durag so as to achieve deeper waves. Since it is tricky for any newbie, keep up with brushing so that your wolf appears more defined and deeper the longer it grows.

How to brush 360 waves
In order to achieve deeper waves, ensure that you are brushing them correctly. Start with your hard brush to ensure your wolf is fully detangled and slowly gravitate to softer brushes. Remember to be consistent with your brushing and do as follows: With your dominant hand, start at the crown and brush down towards the front of the forehead. Repeat this process multiple times. Brush from the crown to the right with your right hand, from the crown to the left multiple times. Repeat the process from the crown to back as many times as possible. Ensure that you have a mirror for your back so you don’t make a mistake since you cannot see the back.

How to get deeper 360 waves?

In order to have defined and deeper waves, make sure that this kind of brushing happens every single day. Finally, cover with a good durag and a wave cap especially when sleeping.

How long will it take to get deeper 360 waves?

There is no definite time for you to get deep 360 waves. Depending on how coarse, soft, thick or thin your hair is, you should begin noticing deeper waves from 30 days to 90 days of consistent everyday brushing.

Avoid over washing

Washing hair increases moisture content loss in it. Keep in mind that you need said moisture to help define your waves. This stunts your progress since you are going to have to go through the whole process of brushing and moisturizing all over again.

How to get deeper 360 waves?

Keep your hair short

In order to ensure that your wolf does not get out of hand, shave at least once every 2 months. Please keep your hair short but make sure that you cannot see your scalp. This will help train your waves and keep your hair at a length that will not be too difficult to maintain them.

Take vitamins and supplements

How to get deeper 360 waves?

This is a disclaimer; vitamins and supplements do not supplement for good diet and nutrition. They are meant as a boost to your immune. Because hair is the first indication of how healthy your body is, include vitamins and supplements in your smoothies to give your hair the shine it really needs. B-vitamins, Vitamins C, D, E, Iron, Zinc and protein are among the best you can have.


Water intake is the best way to ensure hair is hydrated from the inside out. It is also a sure way to get rid of toxins and curb a dry scalp.

Avoid chemical perms and pomades

Honestly, there is no need to get hair relaxed to achieve a wavy look. Natural black hair is already wavy and simply needs the right tools, products and a great environment to flourish.

How to get deeper 360 waves?

Pomades on the hand contain petrolatum in them. Although these products will always be subject to debate, some of them are responsible for causing acne and breakouts. A good conditioning moisturizer is all the product you are going to need to ensure that your waves look deeper and more defined.

What have you learned today?

So, today we gave you some tips on how to get deeper 360 waves. We will list the most essential lessons for you here so you won't forget them!


1. Get a good shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer to keep your hair healthy!

2. Understand the importance of the link between your personal health and your hairs health. Deeper 360 waves are only for those who take care of themselves and hair in a proper way.

3. Make sure to have a good quality durag & brush because they will form your waves at the end of the day.

We've made a list with good quality products you can buy directly by clicking on the link below. We'll pay for the shipping on this first order so be quick and start getting deeper waves today! Succes with your waving process and see you on the next article!




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