How to get waves: wolfing method

How to get waves: wolfing method

Are you trying to get 360 waves? There is no better time to start than now during this COVID-19 crisis. You can’t visit the barber and your hair is growing out. Perfect conditions for wolfing.


People often do not like the wolfing method because it requires you to skip the barber, and nobody likes to be outside without a fresh trim… That’s why the quarantine comes in handy for wavers. Barbers are closed, the streets are dying and there are no girls to be fresh for. All the conditions you need to start wolfing, so why wait? There won’t be a better time to start than now!


So, today, in this tutorial, FRESHCOUPES will show you how you can get 360 waves with this well-known and simple method. So keep on reading if you want your waves to be spinning after this quarantine is over, and welcome to a new episode of 360 waves, explained.


What is wolfing?

How to get waves wolfing - FRESHCOUPES

First things first: what is Wolfing?

Wolfing or Wolfin’ is an act of growing hair out while keeping the hair moisturized and hairstyle maintained. Usually, the wolfing process takes almost 4 to 10 weeks, but time can vary from person to person. Those who have grown out their hair already can get 360 waves with this method relatively earlier, whereas for the wolfing enthusiasts with short hairs it takes more time.




●   Step 1: Grow Proper Hair Length

How to get waves wolfing - FRESHCOUPES


The first step to get waves by wolfing is to grow your hair to get a suitable length. But what is the most suitable length? Everybody’s hair structure is different, but it should be around ¾ inches to get started. Any length below ¾ inches will not qualify the wolf hair stage.


Do not let your hair grow for too long, this may slow down the process because you are not brushing from the core of your patterns. It is easier to start wolfing while your hair is relatively low because the ‘’lower’’ you train your hair, the better the waves will come out. The height of our big friend below is how you should start.


●   Step 2: Making sure your hair is healthy 

How to get waves wolfing - FRESHCOUPES


So, the second to get waves is a step a lot of wavers on YouTube and forget to tell you: Keep yourself & your hair healthy! Your hair is part of your body and will grow and shine as you keep it clean and when you take care of it. If you’re not taking care of yourself first, your hair won’t get to the point where it’s beautiful and spinning. So, keep your vitamins up, drink a lot of water, and make sure you eat all your veggies.

The second part of staying healthy is making sure your hair is clean and well-taken care of. We recommend that you wash your hair twice a week, with shampoo first and conditioner after. You will see improvements in your hair structure when you follow these instructions. Getting waves is not only about brushing and tying your durag, but it is also maintaining a healthy lifestyle where you keep hair healthy.

Us wavers are very strict and are taking care of their hair for real, and you should start with this habit as well. Not only to get waves but for your overall hygiene. Remember: Healthy body> Healthy hair> Healthy waves

However, washing your hair twice a week differs from person to person. Like if you do strenuous physical activities or you are a ballplayer and spend most of your time at the playground, you’ll need to wash hair more than the recommended times.


●   Step 3: Get the right brush


 Now, after you’ve made sure that your hair is healthy and at the right height, it is time to start brushing. You will need a hard and a soft brush, or 1 medium hard brush.

 If you are using 2 brushes, you will use the soft brush at the beginning of your wolfing process when your hair is still low and start using the hard brush when your hair is starting to grow out and the soft brush isn’t doing the job anymore.

If you are choosing a medium-hard brush, you can easily use them in both stages of your wolfing process. We do not think it is necessary to get 2 brushes when you’re just starting to get waves. To get the waves you desire, you will need to brush every single day. 


How to get waves wolfing - FRESHCOUPES

In the photo above, we show you exactly what your brushing angles are. You need to brush in these angles to make sure your waves come out healthy and well organized. These are the same lines your barber is obligated to cut in. You can never brush against these lines and he can never trim against these lines!

But let’s get back to the brushes: any brush will get you waves, but when you are trying to get the next level with your waves, you will need multiple brushes and durags. So just stick with the brush you’re already having or check out this collection of curved 360 wave brushes that will improve the quality of your 360 waves in a way you have never imagined. 


●   Step 3: Keep your hair moisturized 

How to get waves wolfing - FRESHCOUPES

It is a fact that hairs get dry quickly, and when you are starting to brush on a daily base, your scalp may get irritated and start to itch. This dryness of hair ultimately causes the loss of hair texture, and as you can already guess; this isn’t good for your hair. So how can you make sure that this does not happen to you? 

To avoid this, you should get moisturizing products like natural greases, hair oils, conditioners or gels and make sure you put them in your hair at least twice a day. These products will keep your hair moisturized, healthy, and shiny!  It will also help your hair stay down and that will benefit your wave process.


  · Step 4: Keep your hair laid down with a durag

How to get waves wolfing - FRESHCOUPES


It is (nearly) impossible to get waves wolfing without wearing a durag. We know that some guy is telling you that it is possible and that he never wears durags or brushes to get his waves, but to get the spinning waves you want, you must wear a durag. A durag isn’t just to get waves, it solves a lot of health issues regarding your hair as well.

Wearing a du-rag will make your hair grow in the wanted directions and compress your hair down to the head scalp while ensuring moisture. It protects you from hair loss and increases your hair texture & the life of your hair. A durag also protects your hair from dust pollution and dryness.

 Everybody that wants healthy hair should wear a durag, it isn’t just to get waves but it is improving the quality of your hair in general. So keep that durag on and wear a wave cap with it!



Velvet or silky?

How to get waves wolfing - FRESHCOUPES

 Should you use velvet or silky durag when wolfing… This blog post is written by and the preference of elite wavers and everybody has a different opinion regarding the use of velvet and silky durags. This is our opinion: You should use a velvet durag when wolfing.

The only difference between a silky and a velvet durag is the outside of the durag, the velvet durag has velvet fabric on the outside which makes the durag a bit heavier. The inside of velvet durags is made of silk as well because that is the fabric that makes sure your hair stays smooth and will get you the waves.

To get 360 waves your hair needs to lay down and curl, and we just told you that velvet durags are heavier than silky ones. So, the velvet durags are putting more pressure on your hair and are making sure your hair stays down better.

Also, when you start wolfing, your hair gets bigger and grows higher and the heavier velvet durag will keep your hair compressed as well in this state. 


·       Step 5: Start getting waves

How to get waves wolfing - FRESHCOUPES

We know this was a lot to process, so we’ll make a quick summary of all the important information we just gave you:

  1. Grow your hair to the right height, around ¾ inch will do the trick.
  2. Keep yourself and your hair healthy and moisturized
  3. Get the right brush, and brush your hair properly 
  4. Make sure you have a velvet durag & wave cap to keep your hair compressed.


Here a quick summary of all the products you will need to start wolfing: 

  1. 1 soft & 1 hard brush OR 1 medium-hard brush
  2. A durag and wave cap
  3. Pomade, grease, etc.
  4. Shampoo & Conditioner


·       Step 6: Let’s get spinning! 

How to get waves wolfing - FRESHCOUPES

After you have gained all the knowledge in the recommended blogposts and have gathered all the products needed, you should be ready to start wolfing and get out of quarantine with well taken care of waves.

You should not visit the barber for at least 5 weeks, but we recommend you to stay away from the magician for at least 8-10 weeks. The longer you allow your hair to grow and your wave patterns to form, the nicer your waves will come out.  

The results of your wolfing stage will be visible after your first haircut, so do not panic if you do not see results coming in after brushing. You are training your hair to lay down, so be patient!

Success with your wolfing process, let us know if these tips got you the waves you wanted. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook,

Check the full collection of products you need to start your 360 wave process here: 



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