How to get 720 waves

How to get 720 waves

How to get and maintain 720 waves for beginners 

Hi, and welcome to another tutorial made by FRESHCOUPES! Today we'll teach you how to get and how to maintain 720 waves. So if you're starting to get 720 waves, you should really read this next article because we'll drop a lot of knowledge on the subject. Have fun!

What are 720 waves

Waves are a typical hairstyle among black men. There exist many wave patterns ranging from 180, 360, 520, 540 and 720 waves. 720 waves pattern, also known as swirl wave, spiral waves, or beehive waves, is the hardest to achieve and maintain; hence it is rare to see other types of waves. The rareness makes it so unique and trendy, and it may be the reason you are reading this article now. The good news is any hair texture can achieve 720 waves pattern if the right products are used, and one follows a consistent regimen.

The difference between 360 and 720 waves

360 vs 720 Waves (Tutorial)

The difference between 360 waves pattern and 720 waves pattern is the direction hair is brushed. For a 360 waves pattern, one brushes the hair from the crown to the hairline. 720 wave pattern all the hair is swirled sideways in a clockwise direction from the head's crown. Due to the wave pattern formation, one cannot shift from 360 waves to 720 waves without shaving their entire hair.

Products necessary to get 720 waves

1. Wave pomades and grease - to hold the waves in position for long, high-quality pomades and grease are required. Pomades also make the waves look extra black and shiny giving an impression of healthy hair.


2. Wave brushes - necessary for wave formation. A good quality brush is needed for the faster formation of waves and also to main the waves. If you're in need of a quality crown or handle brush, click on the picture below to get redirected to a reliable and good quality supplier for 360 wave brushes!



3. Wave shampoo for healthy and presentable hair - one will require regular shampooing of hair. There exist specific shampoos for men, but it is not a must to use shampoos for men to wash the hair; regular shampoos can also be used. The results will also be as good as using shampoos for men.

4. Wave conditioner - hair conditioning will be a must-do procedure, especially for people with coarse hair. Conditioning helps with trapping moisture and softening hair. Hydrated hair has a better chance of having perfect waves as compared to dry hair. This said, a good conditioner is a must-have in the journey of acquiring perfect waves. 

5. A durag & Wave Cap!: - One of the essential tools to have while building and maintaining waves is a durag and ofcourse a wave cap. There are two types of durag: velvet and silk durags. The durags help in different stages of getting 720 waves, so we recommend getting both! Durags help hasten the rate at which waves are formed and help keep the waves intact during sleep. You can browse all kinds of coloured durags by clicking on the link below!

How to get 720 waves

Now that you have all the products you need, it's time to start getting waves! Here's what you'll need to do for starters:

  • The condition of the hair is an important thing to consider. Before starting, it is recommended that one wolfs the hair for at least three months to give it direction.


  • Haircut- as earlier mentioned, one cannot transition from 360 waves pattern to 720 waves design without going completely bald. Persons with no previous hair wave patterns should get a 1.5 with grain haircut, Ceaser cut, or a Razor style cut. So go the barber and tell him you want to look like this guy.. 
  • Bald Black Men
  • Your hair is ready; the next step is products. You will need quality 360 brushes, durag, wave pomades and greases, hair conditioners, and hair shampoos. 


  • After acquiring all the necessary equipment to form your wave, it's time for brushing. Start off brushing the hair with a soft Brush and progress to hard ones once the hair has learned to swirl on its own. Brush the hair sideways to ensure that the hair follows the swirl pattern. Here a lot of patience and dedication is required to train the hair to follow the swirl pattern. The head's crown is the most challenging part of achieving a swirl. You will need to continually apply grease and brush in a clockwise direction until the hair is fully trained on which path to follow.

Here's a video that teaches you the angles for 720 waves! Check this video after reading the article completely. 


  • Use of durag; this is necessary to ensure that hair stays in the direction in which it has been brushed. 720 Waves is harder to get than 360 waves, so we recommend using a wave cap & durag at the same time to make sure you hair stays down!

How to maintain 720 waves?

The job is done! Your 720 waves are in place... But now it is important to maintain your hair. Getting waves was the first part, but keeping them nice and healthy is the next one. You don't want to walk around with crooked waves, don't you?

  • Moisturizing; the recommended time to apply grease on waves is once or twice a week. However, this is not static, and many factors will influence how often you use grease. If you have coarse hair or have to wash your hair regularly, you will find greasing twice a week is not enough. I would recommend that you let your hair guide you on whether to grease or not.


  • Keep the waves clean by washing with a shampoo. Shampooing can be done twice a week to preserve natural hair oils. However, expectations can be made when one feels the hair is extremely dirty. Washing waves requires a unique technique. Hair should be damp. Shampoo should not be applied directly to the hair; instead, one should rub it on their hands and apply the foam to the head. Use a brush to clean the scalp following the direction of the waves. Finally, rinse by standing below the shower and letting the shampoo rinse off.

How to wash 720 waves

  • Haircuts should be after every two to four weeks, leaving a substantial amount of hair to allow the waves to grow.
  • Brush the hair frequently and always tie a durag before sleeping

How long will it take to get 720 waves

How fast one gets 720 waves is dependent on the type of hair one has. Fine hair can have waves by the 7 to the 10th day, while in people with coarse hair, one can take as much as 30 days before any notable changes in wave formation. To help your hair form waves faster, you can consider using a texturizer, making the hair finer, hence acquiring waves much quicker.

How to get 720 waves for beginners


Any hair type can get 720 waves. The process of acquiring 720 waves requires discipline, dedication and consistency, and the right products. I know you are eager to start your journey. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you've learned a lot also. Here is a sum-up of all the products needed to start getting your 720 waves in place and a link to a reliable supplier to get the products.

Succes with your process!

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