How to get 540 waves

How to get 540 waves

How to get 540 waves as a beginner.

One of the most coveted styles in the black male community has to be waves. They not only give you an edge, they are also visually attractive while protecting your hair against constant manipulation and washing (which strips hair of its natural oils causing frizz and breakage.) Our topic of discussion today has to be the 540 waves. What better way to dive into it but by first understanding the difference in waves, how to achieve this pattern and what you need?  Stick around as we make your hair routine that much easier.


What are 540 waves?

Being a beginner could mean that you are not aware of the different types of waves out there.  There are 180, 360, 540 and 720 waves. Although they are all just waves, they differ according to how they are brushed. 540 waves are largely determined by how the crown naturally swirls hair from the centre. Following this motion, you can then shampoo and brush with whatever motion you have in mind. This means, brush from the crown to the left/right from the front/back making slanted swirls at a 45 degree angle.

Here are examples of 540 waves versus 360 waves:

540 Waves vs 360 Waves


What is the difference between 540 and 360 waves?

360 waves also known as ‘spinnas’ are waves that originate from the crown to all directions of the head by brushing in a straight motion looking like they are making spinning motions on the head. 540s however, look like a ‘storm’ in a way, swirling from the crown from left to right and vice versa according to how your crown naturally swirls.

How to get 540 waves?

In order to achieve the desired look that you are going for, there are a few things you will need to make this easier for you;

1. Shampoo

Waves are complemented entirely when hair and scalp are completely clean. This means, you need a good shampoo that is gentle on your hair and scalp without sulphates, parabens or alcohols that potentially dry out your hair. We recommend cleansing the first time and rinsing off. The second time is where you start brushing your hair from your crown and swirling it either to the left or right creating your waves. A good detangling brush is recommended just to get rid of all the knots followed by a hard brush just to lay your waves flat 

2. Deep conditioner.

You can opt for a regular conditioner but if you are a beginner, you will need all the moisture you can garner. For this reason, we recommend applying the conditioner on top of the scalp. (Yes. On top of the scalp.) Put on a plastic cap for at least half an hour then rinse out the conditioner. (With the stocking cap still on.)

3.  Durag and wave cap.



It is advisable to let your hair air dry before using any type of moisturizer on it just to avoid flaking. If not, you can use a blow dryer on low heat setting to dry it faster, tie a durag after and just for added definition, add a wave cap on top

4. Brush, brush, brush 

After letting it rest (hopefully overnight), moisturize, add a pomade/ oil and define your waves by brushing. A soft brush is great as a touch-up after the waves are set and you can get yours here especially if you are wolfing. Clicking on this link will open a video that teaches you the brushing angles for 540 waves.

How long will it take to get 540 waves?

The truth is, there is no definite timing on how much time it will take to get waves. This is mostly dependent on hair texture, health and your own commitment to seeing it through. It could range from 2-6 weeks solely dependent on the above factors and how well you take care of your hair. Be patient and most of all, be very consistent and you will see results.

540 Waves Brushing Patterns

Tips on maintaining your 540 waves.

Although the main point of all these things is actually attaining the waves, maintaining them is just as hard. Why? Good question. This is mainly because it is still hair and for it to flourish, you need the following;

  • A Great diet, nutrition and supplements. Hair is a reflection of just how healthy you are. Think of it like this, when you are stressed, out of shape or having bad eating habits, doesn’t your hair show? Remember to eat healthy, avoid processed foods and sugars, vitamins and supplements are also a great way to maintain hair health but please keep in mind that supplements will not work if your diet is not up to par.
  • Water is life. Drinking plenty of water not only helps hair hydrated from the inside out, it also clears your skin and flushes out any kind of toxins in your body.
  • Durags and bonnets. Protecting your hair at night is equally as important. Since cotton pillowcases are notorious for sucking out moisture from hair, opt for durags and bonnets to help keep your waves in check while protecting them from frizz and friction. Read more about what types of durags are best for waves here.
  • Brush. Honestly, brushing is the most important step when looking for waves. For this reason, look out for the best brushes here, brush only when hair is damp and moisturized.
  • Avoid over-washing. As stated earlier, regularly washing of hair leads to drying it out due to moisture-protein loss every wash day. Minimise it to at least once a week and do not be too heavy handed with your products.
  • Keep up with your haircuts. Being a beginner, wolfing may not be as easy as you think. Keep up with regular haircuts just so you can have a great wave pattern at first. However, as time goes by, you can choose to start wolfing to give your waves more density and volume. In order to keep up with wolfing, brushing is a necessity and please SLEEP WITH YOUR DURAG ON.
540 Waves

We've helped you by making a list of all the products you need to start getting 540 waves and where to get them, click on the link to browse the products now.

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