Are velvet durags better than silky durags?

Are velvet durags better than silky durags?

Velvet vs Silky durags, which one is better?

The discussion between what durag is better; velvet or silky is heated for centuries now. Every waver has their own opinion in the clash, but FRESHCOUPES will bring you the facts about the velvet vs silky durag race. In this article, we will answer these 3 questions:


  1. What is the difference between a silky and velvet durag?
  2. What are the benefits of velvet and silky durag?
  3. What durag works better, velvet, or silky?


So, go get your brush for a quick session and sit tight because we will give you everything you need to know for the next time somebody asks: velvet or silky?


What is the difference between a silky and velvet durag?

The only difference between a silky and a velvet durag is the outside of the durag, the velvet durag has velvet fabric on the outside which makes the durag a bit heavier. The inside of velvet durags is made of silk as well because that is the fabric that makes sure your hair stays smooth.




What are the benefits of wearing a velvet durag?

You now know the difference between a silky and velvet durag, and we will tell you to know how you can use this key attribute to your advantage. Hopefully, you did read our other 360 waves, explained. series, because then you would know why a velvet durag might help you in the process of getting 360 waves.


To get 360 waves your hair needs to lay down and curl, and you now know for a fact that velvet durags are heavier then silky ones. Simple quiz: what durag will make sure your hair stays down better, a light durag, or a heavier durag? BINGO!


You might see people recommend wearing 2 silky durags because 1 does not help to get their 360 waves to the next level… That is like recommending wearing 2 t-shirts instead of 1 sweater. The fabrics of the sweater are specially designed to keep you warm, and wearing 2 shirts might keep you warm but it is not as comfortable as wearing a warm cozy sweater.   

Pink Velvet Durag - The Rags Culture




What are the benefits of wearing a silky durag?

The silky durags has some great benefits as well. First, they are the original durags. Silky durags work for sure. They are like that co-worker that is never sick, you can count on them! He might be slower than some, but he’s accurate and trustworthy.


They are easy to use and available in almost every shop. That makes them the most used durag. In comparison with velvet durags, silky durags are mostly always fitting right and are breathing more than velvets which is preferable when you are in hot places.


They are cheaper than velvets. This is the main reason people like silky durags more. The velvets are worth more because they have more expensive fabric and are looking better than their little silky cousins.

Pink SIlky Durag - The Rags Culture



Conclusion: what durags works better, velvet, or silky?

We have now told you all the secrets of silky and velvet durags and we are here to give you the conclusion. The winner of the battle is Velvet durags!

Why? They are better up to the task of keeping your hair down. That is the only thing a durag should do.


People are often saying that velvet durags are slipping off their head at night and that they are not working as good as silky durags, but we would like you to read our post about how to use a velvet durag. Once you know how to use a velvet properly, you will never switch back to silky because you will notice the difference in how fast your 360 waves are getting formed!


Where to get the best velvet durags?

After reading this we might guess that you're desperately in need of a velvet durag. Luckily there is a vendor that offers the biggest collection of velvet durags, in all kinds of colors and designs. Click here to get redirected to the page. Success in your waving process!

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