360 Waves Itchy Scalp

360 Waves Itchy Scalp


An itchy scalp can be a menace or an indication of something more sinister. It could be a simple case of your hair needing a great cleanse or the onset of hair loss. If you are embarking on a wave journey and your scalp is itchy, stick around and read until the end so you can put your doubts and questions to rest.

Do 360 waves cause hair loss?

No. Absolutely not. No type of wave pattern causes hair loss. In essence, you are just laying your hair as flat as possible making patterns from the constant combing and brushing so this is not going to cause hair loss.

Hair sheds everyday whether you have waves or not. However, if the loss is too much and you notice chunks of hair falling off, seek a medical opinion as soon as you can.

360 Waves Itchy Scalp

Does brushing waves cause hair loss?

In order to achieve a great wave pattern, consistent brushing is a must accompanied by a healthy head of hair. However, if there are underlying problems like stress-related alopecia, male pattern baldness or any other health problems that may affect hair, it is probably a good idea to lay off the constant brushing as they may aggravate the issue leading to more hair loss.

Do waves make you bald?

Waves do not make you bald but if the waves are formed from chemically-treated products, hair is weakened and with time, hair loss is inevitable.

To avoid this problem, brush your waves using naturally-formulated products and tools. It may take you a long time but your hair will thank you for it.

Does wave grease cause hair loss?

Wave grease or pomade does NOT cause hair loss. It is used as a way of moisturizing and sealing moisture in hair for most wavers. There is nothing wrong if you want to use hair grease. They are heavier than most butters and make a mess on your clothes and pillowcases but that’s about it.

However, since hair grease is quite dense, it is unwise to put too much of it in your hair. Why? Because it can block and clog your pores limiting the flow of nutrients in and out of the scalp and up the hair shaft. There is a cessation of movement in nutrients and vitamins that may aid in hair growth thus hair is either stunted or fails to grow.

360 Waves Itchy Scalp

The scalp naturally secretes sebum that helps moisturize hair from the roots aiding in hair growth and if it is obstructed by any grease, there will not be any kind of new hair follicles formed. For this reason we recommend you use a good oil or butter to avoid these problems.

In conclusion.

As much as waves may not be responsible for hair loss, the use of wrong products and tools. The only way to ensure that your waves stay beautiful and shiny, is to remember that hair needs to be taken care of no matter what.

How do ensure that your hair is well taken care of? By eating right, having a consistent hair routine, taking your vitamins, investing in a good wave cap and durag, and make your hair a priority. After all, is there anyone more important than you?

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