Wave Brushes


A wave brush comes in different forms and the main types mostly used are hard or soft wave brushes. Depending on your hair journey, the type of wave brush can make or break the outcome of the waves you envision. There are different types of wave products you can choose from to accomplish your hair goals, for instance; double-sided wave brushes, curved crown brushes, 360 wave crown brushes, and premium wave crown brushes.

What are the best wave brushes to use?

At the start of your wave journey, it is advisable to use a soft brush to avoid hair breakage during your wave process. As you progress to see your hair length improve, use a hard bristle brush to train your hair to form waves. Besides the main brush bristles you may use, there is a wide variety of brushes you may choose from on our Freshcoupes wave products page, from; regular curved wave brushes to 360 wave crown brushes, whatever works for you.

360 wave brush.

Using a wave brush is the key essence to achieving the best waves and using a 360 wave brush is a plus for your wave journey. Our new 360 wave brushes have been specially designed to create 360 waves. By only using the finest hairs in our brushes, you will manage to get your hair softer than before. This will benefit your waves massively as it will make a huge difference in the appearance of your hair.

What is the difference between hard wave brushes and a soft wave brush?

Understanding the difference between hard and soft brushes will probably save you a whole lot of hurt. This is because it all comes down to how coarse or soft your hair is. However, the fact of the matter is that hard brushes are not the most ideal.

The reason is that they are made from plastic material (sometimes), they are extremely hard, and can cause damage to the scalp. They are also responsible for excessive shedding and breakage which leads to patches and bald spots on the waves.

They can be helpful when one is wolfing since the hair is longer and thicker making it almost impossible to reach the scalp but they should not be used regularly on very short hair. After the wolfing process is done and you get yourself a fresh haircut, you can now ease up on the hard brush for a couple of weeks.

You are allowed to use a hard brush every so often but only for a minute or so.

Medium to hard brushes are better especially when hair is coarser and thicker, and the waver is just starting. Soft brushes however have gained immense favor with the waving community because one can brush all day without causing any damage to both the scalp and head.

They are also ideal for people with shorter hair and help keep any product evenly distributed all over the head. Additionally, soft wave brushes are responsible for keeping your waves defined should you already have a defined wave pattern. 

What does a good wave brush have for bristles?

To understand what wave brushes are made of, you have to understand what kind of hair you are dealing with and the work of your brushes. They can be made from wood, nylon, plastic, and the Holy Grail, boar. By now you’ve probably figured out that the more natural the product, the better the results.

Nylon is good at detangling tresses easily but it does cause static from the friction generated when rubbing and brushing the hair. Wood and plastic are definitely out of the picture which leaves us with boar bristles.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a boar bristle wave brush whether a hard brush or a soft one;

  • Boar bristle wave brushes distribute your hair’s natural oils with ease while smoothing the cuticle making healthy hair growth very achievable.
  • No matter how hard or soft the bristles are, they do not cause damage to the scalp or thin hair out.
  • Because of how soft these bristles are, this wave brush is ideal for stimulating circulation to the follicle which in turn promotes hair growth.
  • They can lift away any dirt, dust, debris, and product build-up with ease.
  • They catch every hair by creating tension which in turn makes them the best at styling short hair.

Premium Curved 360 wave brush

This premium brush has been specially designed to create 360 waves. By only using the finest hairs in our brushes, you’ll manage to get your hair softer than before. 

Curved crown brush

The ergonomic design of this brush makes it easier to keep. This will benefit your waves massively as it will make a huge difference in the appearance of your hair.

Regular curved wave brush

This brush is mostly designed for lengthy sessions while achieving your waves. The handle helps to dumb down the stress caused by repetitive strokes. 

Double-sided wave brush

This is basically a brush with dual options. One side has softer bristles than the other. Depending on how far along your hair is on the wave process, either side can cater to its needs. 

Where to buy a wave brush? 

Quality wave brushes are considered the best option for maintaining and creating waves. The quality texture of the brushes is perfect for waving in the shower or just holding them for a long time. Look no further than Freshcoupes for your premium 360 wave brushes.