Why it is important to brush your hair with a mirror if your aiming to get 360 waves

Why it is important to brush your hair with a mirror if your aiming to get 360 waves

Why it is important to brush your hair with a mirror if your aiming to get 360 waves 

Are you busy creating 360 waves? Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the importance of using a mirror while brushing your hair and show you the reasons why it is necessary for you to use a mirror to get your desired waves. 


Everybody knows it’s important to use a good brush and durag when you’re busy getting waves, however, the main product we’re going to talk about in this guide is the importance of a mirror! A lot of people do not use one and keep wondering why their waves keep coming out crooked...   


You must use a mirror during your brushing sessions. Most enthusiasts that are waving aren’t looking at the way they are brushing their hair. However, using a mirror can be so helpful in looking from over the crown. A mirror shows whether your crown is looking good and if you're brushing the right patterns. You should get a hand-held small or medium-sized mirror to check out your brush strokes, wave progress, and the state of your crown while brushing! 


  • Mirror Brushing sets Hair Direction  

One of the most significant benefits of a mirror while brushing your hair is that it helps you in setting the hair direction. With a mirror, you can look around your head and check your hair whether they are getting the shape of waves or not.  


  • When to Get a Haircut  

When you’re using a mirror during your hair brushing to build 360 waves, with a mirror it’ll become easy for you to keep the hair length as perfect as it’s recommended. However, you can further take advice from a professional hairdresser or barber about what length to cut your hair before or during applying 360 waves.  


  • When to Moisturize Hair  

Vigorously brushing often causes dryness of your hair. This is why after you’ve gotten your hair to lay down entirely, you’ll want to use a conditioner to hydrate. And then you’ll think to put on a drag or wave cap to moisturize your hair. But the question is, how you’ll find that your hair is drying and producing dandruff or scales? When you are using a mirror while brushing your hair, then you’ll notice these things. So a mirror can help you get noticed whether it’s the perfect time to moisturize your hair or not.  


In a Nutshell 

So brushing your hair with a mirror for 360 waves is so important that you must use a mirror to build 360 waves in the exact styles you w ant to have. Mirrors of different styles and different styles are available in the market. However, you must go with the small or medium-sized hand-held mirror as a hand-held mirror will help you see every patch/side of your head clearly, making you apply waves accordingly.  



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