How to get waves without a durag

How to get waves without a durag

So, you would like to know how to get waves without a durag... Before I go in-depth about this question we most certainly have to know what waves are as well as a durag. So, without spending more time on unnecessary things, let us get straight to it.


What are waves?

No, not the waves by the beach. Keep your head straight, man. Where was I? Yes, hair waves are simply just simply laid-down hair. This so-called laid-down hair comes in many patterns. From half 180 all the way to a full 360 pattern. Different washing styles, moisturizing and brushing techniques are used to make these hair designs possible. Here are some pictures to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

How to get waves without a durag

After all that styling to maintain its form and moisture, a durag is used. Is that all to it? Yes, actually, that is it. But without forgetting the main thing about this article, let us discuss what a durag is.


What is a durag?

Used to keep the hairstyle neat or worn as a fashion stance, a durag is basically another type of headwrap. The material which is used to create such headwrap differs, from silk to satin and so on. A durag protects the hair from getting frizz and maintains moisture. Most of the time, it is worn at night because you have the least control over how your head stays around night time.

 But if we know what waves are and see the meaning and usage behind the durag, do we know if it is possible to get waves without one?

 How to get waves without a durag

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How to get waves without a durag

As discussed in the second paragraph, to get waves, you must repeat the process of washing and moisturizing the hair. Then brushing it into its pattern. After that, you must let the hair rest and remain in the formed design. With some headwrap material to keep the hair in place and protect it, there is a big chance the moisture will be faded, but most importantly, the hair will just slowly spring back into the old hair pattern. So no, it is only possible to get waves with a durag.

So now that we have been educated, there is a next question that has to be answered.


What kind of durag to use for fast waves              

A lot of people that are trying to get waves are wearing a durag, but there is still a big group who are wearing other materials like a cotton bandana to achieve the waves. But is this better for maintaining your waves than wearing a durag? It is cheaper, so if you'd liked to save money that is the better option. The only problem is: the material used to make a bandana (cotton) has no good effect on the waves for a long, unlike the durag. The durag keeps the hair how you style it and let it grow that way, unlike the bandana, which will dry up the moist as already said grow out of style. That’s why a durag is better for getting and maintaining waves.

How to get waves without a durag  VS  How to get waves without a durag


The best durag for fast waves are the silk, velvet and satin ones. The material supports the pattern forming while giving the hair a breathing area. A wave cap strengthens this effect because of the same material structure as the durag. That is why having a combination of both will optimize your wave results!



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Getting waves without durag.

So, in conclusion. It is likely, only possible, to get and maintain waves with a durag. This does not mean you cannot use a bandana or other headwrap over your durag to style your head. But the silk and satin durags are essential to keep them intact. So be quick and get your wave cap and durag before your hair springs back into your old style!

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