How to get waves with straight hair

How to get waves with straight hair

How to get waves with straight hair     

Hey you. Also struggling to get waves with your straight hair and don’t know where to start, what products to get and how to use them? Then don’t wander off further in the online pool of ‘wave gurus‘, because you are on the right address here. After reading this article you will not only be able to get waves with straight hair but also know how to maintain this routine.

But first, let us get more in-depth about what waves actually are!

What are waves?

The concept of hair waves can be described in the following way.
Hair waves are a hairstyle where the hair has a ripple/wave-like pattern. This effect can be
accomplished by applying numerous ‘’wave techniques’’ and using the right products to strengthen
and up the condition of the wave effect. The concept of waves has been around for some time. Even
in the early 20th century, African-American men used some of these techniques to style their hair in
a wave pattern. But in the present day, there is no exception of race or hair type can get waves.
Straight hair is also no exception. So lets learn more about how to get waves with straight hair!

How to get waves with straight

Straight hair

Straight hair, is as you see in the picture below, hair that is mostly soft. It doesn't curl naturally and most of the time it is not hard to handle. 

Straight hair seems’s just straight, right? Wrong. There are different types of naturally straight hair, from fine and thin to thick and coarse, with pros and cons for all the ways hair can be straight. One of the most interesting cons and probably the reason why you are reading this article is how you can still manipulate the structure. Meaning, yes you could also get smooth silky symmetrical waves.

How to get waves with straight hair


Type of waves

Waves come in different so-called ‘wave patterns’.  Even though waves are a typical hairstyle among black men, doesn’t mean that straight racial hair can’t get them. You just didn't have the right tools and information to take action. There exist many wave patterns ranging from 180, 360, 520, 540, and 720 waves. In the articles below you can exactly see how to produce these kinds of patterns. Here we’re going to focus on the basic essence of getting the waves. Therefore I will use the 360 as an example.


Steps to get waves with straight hair

Before even starting to think about getting 360 waves, having a healthy scalp in optimal condition is important. May you have any issues with your hair or scalp, many of them can be fixed with over-the-counter scalp shampoos. After this, you have set up a good canvas on to build your waves. Also important is getting a haircut. This will also highlight the wave part. Tell your barber you are trying to get waves. Tell him to not cut the hair against its grain and to cut it low, but not that low the scalp can be seen. 

How to get waves with straight hair


How long does it take to get waves with straight hair?

What you need to know is that it is never easy to get waves. With any hair type. That is why with this process dedication and patience are needed. Getting fast waves with straight hair will at least take a few weeks, depending on motion rehearsal. The more effort you put in the faster the results will show. 

Process off getting waves fast with straight hair

First, you will need shampoo. The kind of shampoo you buy or use doesn’t really matter. Preferably you can use a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner. Second, wash your hair with the shampoo and rinse it out to remove the remaining dirt. You will have to repeat the same motion but without the rinsing. The moistness from the shampoo is what you use to first brush your hair in the wave pattern. This is where your hair is manipulative at its most. In this article I will explain furthermore on how to brush your hair correctly if you want waves with straight hair

In regards to using hair brushes, here it is more than important to use one dedicated to the process of getting waves. The size, shape, and thickness are all important. A regular brush from the shop around the corner will eventually get you where you want to go. But we recommend using a 360-wave brush. 

These brushes are specially crafted to help your hair lay down faster and better. This is because of the unique structure of the bristles. It also has better handling. This way you are able to form your waves more accurately. These brushes will give you a small advantage in reaching your goals faster. Click here to find our collection of 360-wave brushes. Use code 20-OFF for 20% discount on your first order

360 Wave Brush

 Putting on a durag for your waves

Putting on a durag to maintain the placement of the hair is the next step into getting waves with straight hair. 


Because it is harder to get waves with straight hair a wave cap can contribute quite a bit. It will keep the hair more in place and force it to grow in the wave pattern, which fastens the wave process. Here you can buy a wave cap with a durag in one. That is much easier than searching and buying at two different shops. Thank me later! Use code 20-OFF for 20% discount on your first order



The best way of getting waves with straight hair

The best-known effective way for getting waves with straight hair is wolfing. Wolfing is a technique of not cutting your hair for an extended period of time usually around four to six weeks, sometimes as long as 12 weeks. It trains your hair at the roots, and as your hair grows longer, it allows for deeper waves.

This technique will help you achieve 360-degree waves when you finally get your haircut. Through this process, you can definitely wash your hair. Once a week is enough to clean your hair and not damage too much of your progress. Click here to learn more about the wolfing method.


How to maintain your waves

From the moment you get them smooth silky waves you probably don’t want to lose them. You can only get and keep waves by brushing every day. Start the first weeks off by exclusively brushing in front of the mirror. This is to prevent getting crooked waves. After a while, you understand how to brush. Then you can do it while watching a movie or doing homework. If you are not brushing it would be best to put your wave cap and durag on to maintain the progression. The more you keep your durag on the better your waves will form. 

How to get 360 waves with straight hair


To summarize your priority products. I have made a list of them with a link to where you can buy them.


- 360 Wave Brushes

-Wave cap/durag

So there you have it, the article you have been looking for for so longgg. How to make waves in hair for everyone with straight hair. 

After repeating these steps you won’t even need luck, have a good one!


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